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Maryland High School Theatre '04-'05

College Fair and Scholarship Auditions

Improv Festival 2004
Theatre Critics Program
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Join the State's top Improv instructors...

...for workshops and discussions specializing in improv theatre performance including: skills, competitions, games, and catering to ability levels. Plans include to bring back the same exciting improv staff as last year including Bob Garman, Julie Garner, and Jim Neib. Everyone will have a chance to parcipate in improv games in front of an audience at the day's end.

Our 6th annual festival will be held on October 5th from 9am to 3 pm at Blake High School.   The cost is $20 per Student, $15 per MHST Honorary Member Student, and $10 per Sponsor/Chaperone bringing less than 15 Students (one free enrollment over 15).  Please register by our deadline of September 24th to ensure we can provide adequate lunch service as well as enough staffing.  For registration forms please CLICK HERE to e-mail us or call 301-509-8383.

Students will select from a skill level that serves their interests.  Students with "Advaned" Level Skills are those who have worked extensively in improv activites in the past including: being a part of an improv team. "Intermediate" Level students hav taken classes and workshops in improv but are not part of an improv/team or need additional work to get to an Advanced Level. "Beginner" students are those who have only been introduced to improv in the classroom or have no experience at all. Please SIGN-UP for Your Level!

This MHST event will be held at Blake HS in Silver Spring, MD.  For a map and directions to Blake, click the Mapquest link below

To go to Blake's website CLICK HERE

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